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Common Questions

Can anyone drink IONZ Mineral Infusion?

Yes, anyone ages 2 and up can drink IONZ.

How do I make IONZ?

Proper Infusion instructions are on the home page.

Does IONZ have any side effects?

IONZ Mineral Infusion has no known side effects and all herbs used are 100% organic and FDA gras. If you are on any medications you should ask a doctor if you can drink IONZ Mineral Infusion.

How much can I drink?

You can drink as much as you like, IONZ Mineral Infusion is a food and a health supplement not a pharmaceutical. We recommend drinking 2, 16 oz. glasses a day. Drink anytime as a refreshing iced tea or serve hot. 

What is the best water to use for Infusion?

We recommend using pure spring water or for maximum extraction use distilled water.

What does IONZ taste like?

IONZ flavor comes from organic mint leaf which is very soothing, refreshing and helps with upset stomach.

How long does 1 infusion bag last?


1 infusion bag makes 128 fl. oz = 1 gallon

2, 16oz. servings per day lasts 4 days 

1, 16oz. serving per day lasts 8 days 

Children= 1, 8oz. serving per day 

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