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Without the presence of electricity the human body would have no movement or life. The human body is made up of a sub-structure called cells. At the cellular level cells function off of positive and negative electrical charges like an organic battery. Cells have a measurable electric charge of -40 to -80mv(millivolts). Biominerals contain an organic electrical substance called ions. The biomineral responsible for the negative charge within the cell membrane is chloride. The biomineral chloride is an anion which is a biomineral that carries a negative ionic charge. The biomineral which is responsible for the positive charge around the cell membrane is potassium. The biomineral potassium carries positive ions known as cations. The positive and negative electrical charges within cells create an electric charge needed to produce movement, energy, structure and life in the human body. Cells transmit electrical signals via neurons and muscle cells. The bio-minerals sodium and potassium are responsible for pumping ions into cells to inject fresh new electricity to maintain cellular equilibrium. When the balance of positive and negative electrical charges within a cell are not proper the cell depolarizes and causes what’s called programmable cell death. Programmable cell death is when a cell mutates or dies because it does not have electricity to stay alive because it is deficient in biominerals containing positive and negative electrically charged ions.  It is therefore vital to ingest the biominerals that feed your cells the positive and negative electrical charges to maintain the proper function, structure, and energy of the human body. 
Each different color biomineral represents a different frequency within the visible electromagnetic light spectrum which ranges from 4x10 to the 14th power to 8x10 to the 14th power measured in Hz(hertz) and wavelengths 3.8x10 to the -7th power to 7.5x10 to the -7th power measured in m(meters) or 380nm to 750nm(nanometers) from red to violet. Each different frequency of light contains an electric charge which ranges from 2-3eV (electron volts) or 2000-3000mV(millivolts). Therefore, the various colors of biominerals contain electric charges ranging from 2-3eV to feed cells the vital organic electricity and keep proper balance in the body. Biominerals provide the organic electricity required by all cells and vital organs on-a-daily basis. 


Blood Cells in Darkfield Microscope


IONZ cell food



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